"The fastest & easiest way to mock, swap, monitor & intercept APIs"

"Expedite product delivery by rapidly simulating 3rd party APIs"

"Build dynamic mocks with JavaScript or without code using rich visual tools"

"Intercept & edit HTTP traffic in real time"

"Swap out existing or missing API services using proxy mode"

"Avoid blocking development on APIs that aren't readily available"

Mac OS X download
Windows x64 download

Binary (requires Java)
Java 11 download
Java 8 download

Source (requires JDK 11 & Maven)
Available on GitHub

Available on Docker Hub

Standalone & Binary Installation

1. Download & unpack the appropriate zip archive

Windows & Binary
2. Run the install and then start scripts

2. Copy the sMockin app to your Application folder & then launch the app
(OSX security may block the app from launching. To change this go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy)

Source Installation (requires JDK 11 & Maven 3)

1. Run git clone https://github.com/matthewgallina/smockin.git
2. Run mvn clean install
3. Run the install and then start scripts

Docker Installation

1. Run docker run --name smockin -d -p 8000:8000 -p 8001:8001 -p 8002:8002 -p 8003:8003 mgallina/smockin:2201

Accessing Admin & Mock Servers

1. Open the sMockin dashboard http://localhost:8000/index.html
2. Follow the Creating a Simple Mock guide at www.smockin.com/help
3. Access your API mock GET http://localhost:8001/helloworld
4. Access your S3 bucket mocks by connecting to http://localhost:8002/

For more help and tips, visit www.smockin.com/help

For any questions, please tweet or direct message us on twitter at @smockin_com

Also check out our help section at www.smockin.com/help